Today, we’re listing the top 5 things prospective tenants ask for in a rental property. I’ve been doing this for 11 years, so I have developed a good sense of what the best tenants want.

Easy-to-Maintain Flooring

Hardwood flooring or laminate flooring as opposed to carpet is important. There are concerns from people with allergies. They have to contend with dust mites on old carpet and then sensitivities to gasses on new carpet. Try to stay away from carpet.

Provide a Modern Kitchen

The most important part of your kitchen is the countertops. This is a visual world, and the first picture prospective tenants will see when they look at your ad is the kitchen. They want granite or quartz counters. The cost has come down on those items, so it’s worth getting a price and getting rid of those old linoleum counters. The stone will increase the value of your home for the long run.

Suburban Backyards for Families

A nice backyard is another thing tenants look for. The bulk of tenants in Marin are families moving from San Francisco into the suburbs, where they can kick a soccer ball, play catch with the kids, and even have a veggie garden.

Inside-the-House Storage

Storage is extremely expensive in Marin. People are paying about $200 to $300 a month just to get a basic 6×8 storage area. Tenants need a place to store their skis, kayaks, suitcases, boxes, and holiday items. Having storage is important.

Laundry Rooms and Appliances

An image of a well organised houseFinally, tenants are looking for laundry. No one wants to take their clothes to a laundry mat or dig up quarters. A washer and dryer in the property is essential.

These are the top five things we hear tenants talking about. We’d be happy to tell you more about how to make your rental property attractive to tenants, so contact us  at PRANDI Property Management.