Why, you ask, should you hire a property management company? Well, we hope that some of what we say hits home for you, and if it’s a nice fit, be sure to check out a property manager in your area today!

There are many cases we come across: Some owners cannot sell their home and are losing money from their investment, some others may live out-of-state or out-of-country, some may have simply inherited a home and do not even know where to begin, or sometimes owners just don’t want to stress over how to find a qualified tenant with good credit and who will pay rent on time. In any of these cases, and so many more situations, a qualified property management company can help!


If you’€™re trying to sell your home and it has been sitting on the market for days or MONTHS without a bite – at least by putting it up for rent and aiming to place a well-qualified tenant, you can generate income for your residential investment while you wait for a better selling-market. Perhaps this will merely be a good source of additional income for you, and you can sell it in the future when its price may generate the kind of sale one would have expected from an investment property in the first place.


Our out of area owners may not have the time nor the expertise regarding all of the rental details, so proper property management is very important for our clients. Some of our owners are out of the area, some out of state, and even some live out of the country. We’re here, in town, and can keep a watchful eye on the property for you! Tenants will pay the rent directly to us, and call us in cases of an emergency. No more late night phone calls about a leaking toilet! That’€™s what we’€™re here for – 24/7!


It can be overwhelming to try to rent out your home, and we’re here to help! As an expert in the field, this is our full-time job and we are happy to be of assistance. If you don’t even know where to begin or what price to put your property on the market for, why not hire someone who is professionally trained with the knowledge?! With so many changing laws, we’€™re here to guide those owners who don’€™t even know where to begin. Honestly, would you attempt to put a new roof on your house if you didn’€™t have the technical ability? The same goes for property management – and if you don’€™t know where to begin, please consider hiring a professional who can take care of the daily maintenance and upkeep of the property while suggesting work repairs when the tenants need help. If you are an owner who already knows where to start, please remember, before you place a tenant, the property needs to be in good condition. If you need ideas about how to do this, or vendors to call, you can also be sure to set up a consultation for us to come out and look at the property to give ideas of how to make the condition ready for move-in.


Some owners may ask, why would I hire a property management company when I can handle the day-to-day management all by myself? When you know the maintenance you already need, and you know the amount you want to rent your home for, you may still be stumped on how to find the perfect tenant for you! As property managers, we can help verify that the proper tenant we place will be qualified to live at your property. If you can handle the actual management of your home yourself but need help finding a resident, we have a Leasing Service that may just fit your needs!

We would market and advertise for you in the places tenants tend to look the most, using our tools on Craigslist and our own website. We would meet the prospective tenants at the property to show them the unit. They wouldn’€™t only need to qualify based on what you, the owner, are looking for – but they would also need to qualify through our management company€’s requirements too! We would diligently verify their income and credit history to better ensure that the tenant will pay their rent on time, while also calling their current and previous landlords to see what kind of residents they had been in the past. Once that was complete, we would also take care of the lease signing, as well as the initial collection of the security deposit and first month’s rent. So, even if you can handle everything else yourself, you may want to consider a company like ours who would help place a tenant for you!

These are just some of the reasons people decide to hire property management companies, and as with anything, each property management company you come across may differ. However, if you’€™re in Marin and think PRANDI might be right for you, please be sure to call our office to set up a consultation today. You don’t need to agree to anything at the moment, but maybe you just have some questions and want to make sure your ideas are heading in the right direction, and we can help there too.

Our company is constantly staying up-to-date with current laws, and while working closely with our real estate lawyer, we’re sure to do everything by the letter of the law. If you need legal action, or you are having a problem with a tenant not paying on-time, because we are so informed with the tenancy and landlord laws, if you hire us, we can make sure you get the property management you deserve! An image showing person sitting on the couch browsing on his laptop

Whether PRANDI works for you or not, be sure when looking into a company that may fit your needs, that you hire a well-qualified team to manage your property. While we, of course, recommend ourselves – the deciding factors may fall on the service prices charged for your property and how you and the management company work together. Be sure to chose a reliable company who has managed a similar property to yours before and who you know you can trust. By having a reliable property agent, our owners can stay tension and worry free while getting some extra income for their investment real estate.

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