Don‒t call Ghostbusters! Call PRANDI! Prandi Property Mangement bannerAs much as we love receiving referrals to increase our own business – we love giving referrals as well. Yesterday afternoon, I noticed my friend Pam posted a note on Facebook saying she had a roof leak and needed help before the two-day storm that was heading our way.

I responded to her post (along with 6 or 7 other friends) and she called me first! Pam knows I am in the property management industry and frequently solving problems of all kinds; large and small, simple and complicated, emergencies and of course, standard routine maintenance. PRANDI manages a constant flow of property related problems, which is why I think my friend immediately knew that she would get a not only a good reference, but a GREAT one! I gave Pam the number of Alternative Roofing Solutions, Inc, (ARS) who answered the phone right away and said they would be at Pam’€™s house within an hour. ARS also said they’d be able to patch her roof to keep her dry over the next two days as well as follow up with a longer term solution. Pam was thrilled, ARS has new business and PRANDI is once again, proven to be a trusted name in property management! That’€™s what I call a win-win-win all the way around! ARSs response time is the same type of service we provide for all our properties (and our Facebook friends!) and we are proud to recommend our vendors at any time.

Call PRANDI when you need a referral! We are knowledgeable and have a long list of trusted vendors we have worked with for many, many years. Part of our reputation rides on how responsive, clean, professional and cost effective our vendors are – and without a doubt, they are all of the above!

Need a roofer? A plumber? A mortgage broker? Insurance agent? Call PRANDI! A special mention and thanks to the ARS roofing team!