This one was fun! It was the topic at my Terra Linda Rotary meeting topic a few weeks ago, and it’s still something I’m thinking about: The Eight Sacred Truths To Healthy Aging– from Dr. Eric Shapira

1. Keep moving! Stay ambulatory and exercise daily. Walking is the best and cheapest form of exercise. Walk with a friend so you can also cross off number two on this list! Walking your dog doesn’t count since dogs can stop to “smell the roses” too often. Exercise for 30 minutes where you sweat a little and where conversation/breathing is labored.

2. Stay social! Join social/fellowship groups. Join a Rotary/Lions/Elks club, a church group, a book club, a walking/hiking club.

3. Eat nutritiously. Avoid too much red meat, eat more healthy greens and fish! Keep your cholesterol and blood pressure in check.

4. Get the rest YOU NEED. Not everyone needs 8 full hours of sleep, but be sure get enough rest on a consistent basis so you are refreshed and alert every day.

5. Keep mentally fit! Exercise your brain – think neurobics! Crossword puzzles, bridge games, Sudoku puzzles, learn a new language or hobby!

6. Stay forwardly directed and challenge life. Share your talents and gifts with others. Are you talented at cooking? Bake something with a friend! Are you talented at gardening? Show a friend how to grow roses! Do you know how to kayak? Take a friend out for a kayak trip and teach them how to kayak!

7. Nurture your inner-child and put fun in your life! Swing on a swing at the park! Color! Make ceramics!

8. Find and hold intimacy. Human touch is critical to staying connected within ourselves and with each other. Hug 10 friends today and be sure to get in your 10 hugs everyday!

In all of this, learn to forgive yourself and others to stay free and fly. Forgiveness frees the soul. Acceptance frees the mind.” — Dr. Eric Shapira