Tenants’ Frequently Asked Questions

Please be sure to take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions below and let us know if we can answer any additional questions by emailing us at info@prandiprop.com.

We are well-versed in the leasing and property management industry in Marin County, and make many efforts to keep our staff fully educated. We follow all local, state, and federal Fair Housing laws and legislation. We do our best to educate our owners (and ourselves) as we manage your investment property for you.

Q: How Are Utilities Handled?

Q: Why Choose PRANDI Property Management, Inc., CRMC?

Q: What Do I Do If There Is An Emergency?

Q: Are Pets Allowed In the Property? Smokers? Children?

Q: How Do I Pay My Rent?

Q: How Much Do You Collect From the Tenant, Prior To Move-In?

Q: What Happens If I Need To Break My Lease?

Q: What Happens If Rent Isn’t Paid On Time?

Q: What Is Your Screening Process For Prospective Applicants?


4.9 /5
606 Reviews

Jun 11, 2022
PRANDI Property Management, INC., CRMC Craig
Fast response and service fix, thank you!
Jun 10, 2022
PRANDI Property Management, INC., CRMC José
very good service!
Jun 10, 2022
PRANDI Property Management, INC., CRMC Kelleigh
Mike Minaberry Landscaping did a fantastic job trimming back trees that were overgrown. He’s very professional!
Jun 10, 2022
PRANDI Property Management, INC., CRMC Laura
Fast service and problem fixed
May 27, 2022
Google PRANDI Property Management, INC., CRMC Grace
I love my rental home and am very happy and grateful to have found this house. My experience with Prandi was excellent. The only issue has been with the company they hired to transfer the utilities into my name. I should have declined this service and done it myself because they have created a mess by using the wrong name and now I am trying to clean that up. Also, they were not thorough and did not close out some accounts. Not Prandi's fault but the company they hired.


If you’d like to learn more about our properties and what it’s like to work with PRANDI Property Management in Marin, get in touch. We’d be happy to talk more about our rental properties, our application requirements, and our leasing process.

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