Springtime is officially here–Marin is blooming. It feels like Summer itself is just around the corner, which is bringing us closer to our busiest time of year. Summertime in the PRANDI office brings families moving while their kids are out of school, and relocating them before the new school year begins again.

Spring in Marin is my personal favorite time of year, as it offers many beautiful photography opportunities. From gushing waterfalls to gorgeous angles of Mt. Tam, Marin is a unique place, and I was happy to capture these in photos last week. I photographed the waterfalls in Novato and the foot bridge in Corte Madera.

We truly live in a beautiful part of the world and I enjoy sharing the images I capture with others. I hope you all enjoy this great weather

Happy Spring!

— Matt Prandi Borries, Property Manager and Leasing Agent