I was out walking the other day, enjoying the warm sunshine when I was hit with a very familiar fragrance… the smell of freshly mowed grass. Now, I realize that Californians tend to mow their yards year round, but I’m an East Coast girl so by the end of April, that scent has always signaled the official start of Spring to me.

This is a good time to renew and refresh our busy lives with a good Spring Cleaning–both indoors and out! Here are some tips for you all to look though for some guidance on this process.

Let’s start with some basics throughout the house:

– Dust thoroughly starting from the top, and working your way down

– Vacuum the dust that settles on the floor

– Wipe walls and ceilings

– Vacuum and shampoo rugs

– Wash windows, clean blinds, and even rinse screens

– Wax wood furniture and non-wood floors

– Polish metal door and window fixtures

– Clean upholstered furnishings

These are just some basic household tips–there are plenty of other ways to clean for your first Spring Cleaning of the year to get to the deeper grime we typically look past for a few extra months! Stay tuned for next month’s blog with a break down of room-by-room cleaning tips!

— Lisa Doughty, Office Coordinator