We received an email from Wide Awake Marketing back in November, but re-reading it again, it really opens a door for analyzing this year’s PRANDI Property Management’s Business Plan & New Year Resolution for 2013. This article opened some new ideas, asking the public if they treated their business (and work ethic) anything like they do their body? Because, the truth is, you should be! There are certainly very similar needs your business has, and we have to be sure to take that concept into consideration as we look ahead toward the new year. When you exercise, eat right and get the right amount of rest, your body responds. And your business (and you in it) is no different.

Exercise: This could refer to getting the marketing and sales teams on a more intensive workout. It could also simply be a revamp or fresh building of your database, going to a networking event, developing new social media strategies, or revising your website. Think about what your company needs, and put in the time to strengthen your core.

Eating Well: Eating right is looking at how you nurture your business. And proper nutrition would be developing talents, reading the right books, attending insightful workshops and having a business-oriented coach/mentor to help guide you through the business “junk food aisle.” Figure out where you’re a little “flabby” and straighten it out. Or…look at what needs better nutrition to be stronger and gain a few pounds!

Rest: This part people often miss. The article explained how doing the things that bring customers in doesn’t often allow you to rest at all. You’re always running to the next meeting, the next phone call, and sometimes, you just need a small break. Rest, however, doesn’t have to mean that you stop trying. Maybe it simply means, you gather the right team to help step in and make sure all aspects of your business are in working order, and that allows you to take a short break. Everyone needs a break from time to time!

My favorite quote of the newsletter was: “Bringing the right talent in to do the things I’m not talented at or the things that must be done but it’s not the best use of my time. Which of your activities are bringing in the revenue and which aren’t? Where do you require team and what’s your plan to bring them in? Then you’ll sleep at night.” It’s true. Build your team, strengthen them, and nurture the path you are taking. And… take a couple of deep breaths for yourself from time to time too.