Photo of Reidum WaageReidun Waage, joined PRANDI’s Client Accounting Department 7 years ago and has lived in Marin for over 30 years. With her degree in Business and Accounting, Reidun is the right employee for the job. She is an expert when it comes to working PRANDI’s financial side for both the owners and tenants.

Reidun also enjoys gardening, and is an avid antique-collector and jewelry-maker. A volunteer for three Marin County organizations, Ross Art and Garden Center, the Northgate Group (member for over 20 years) and the San Anselmo Antique Dealers Association (member for over 25 years), Reidun is always interacting with our local communities and knows how to network a room.

(415) 482-9977 ext. 207 | [email protected]