Cristy Boucher, CSSsm Assistant Property Manager, has been at PRANDI for over 3 years. She moved to Marin to attend Dominican University of California, where she earned her Bachelor of the Arts degree in Communication Studies. She is also active in NARPM, and earned the Certified Support Specialist (CSSsm) designation from the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM) in 2009.

She loves to cook, travel, practice yoga, play volleyball and tennis, and also loves spending time with her family! She hopes to continue education and considers herself a lifelong learner. Cristy is always trying to lend a hand to others and to keep an open mind. She likes to offer new ideas and opinions on how to make improvements within the company, as well as implement new ideas. She is actively involved in our local Marin Sonoma NARPM Chapter and has created our first Marin-Sonoma Chapter Newsletter. She has a background in page layout and design and is lucky enough to be able to apply that knowledge in her position with PRANDI.

While Cristy has lived in Marin 5 years, in San Rafael, Larkspur and most recently in Mill Valley, she is a former Sonoma County resident of Guerneville. Cristy teases and says that her favorite part of working at PRANDI, other than the festive birthday parties, delicious cake, and wonderful PRANDI Staff lunches, are her fellow employees. “I would have to say that what I like most is that everyone here is concerned with making the right decisions, not just the easy ones. We are constantly asking ourselves how we can improve and how we can help to make other people’s lives easier. We act with integrity, and are always concerned with being fair to everyone.” Cristy believes that all PRANDI team members do their personal best to make sure that the properties they manage are respected and protected and that an owner’s investment is maintained to the highest of standards. Cristy was recently married just last June. Congrats to Cristy and her new husband, Jeremy.

(415) 482-9977 ext. 215 | [email protected]