Ted Kimball, Esq., is a partner with Kimball, Tirey, and St. John, LLP. They specialize in landlord/tenant relation lawsuits, fair housing and business, and real estate throughout California. Below, are listed some of the common questions that landlords had this month in their newsletter about their relationships with tenants, and then the answers that Ted Kimball, Esq., gave them.

Question: “Are email communications between tenant and landlord admissible in court?”

Answer: “Yes, emails can be allowed into evidence, but cannot be used to serve notices.”

Question: “Our tenant gave a 30-day notice of termination, intending to move out on the 10th of next month. Since the rent was due on the first of the month, can we require the tenant to have given 30-days’ notice on the first of the month?”

Answer: “Once you are on a month-to-month tenancy, either party can terminate it by serving a 30-day notice at any time. They are, however, responsible for the rent up to the date the 30-day notice expires, so they would owe pro rate rent for the following month.”

For more answers to questions like these, another great resource is the California Apartment Association’s website, linked here. Also, feel free to contact us at PRANDI Property Management for any questions you might have.

— Nikole McGuinness, Administrative Assistant