Every year, State Farm Insurance, Co., compiles a list of dog bite claims from across the nation. For two years running, California has been number one in the amount of claims and pay-outs made for dog-bite victims. Up from 369 claims in California last year, Californians filed 527 claims this year. This resulted in State Farm Insurance, Co. paying out more than $20.3 million in 2011 (an average of about $28,000 per dog-bite victim). State Farm says they don’t have a reason for the more than 30% increase in dog-bite claims over the course of one year.

While there is a massive increase within California’s percentage, the number nationally has hardly risen at all. In conjunction with State Farm Insurance, Co., the American Humane Society also provided some statistics on the topic. Included were figures that noted that 92% of fatal attacks come from male dogs (mostly un-neutered). They also said that 2/3 of dog-bites occur on, or near, the victim’s property. The most likely victims are those close to the owner of the dog: young children, family, and friends.

Check with your property manager if you are concerned about including Renter’s Insurance for tenants with pets, or to protect the ones closest to you in case of an accident. For more information about this topic, visit the article directly here.

Miss Lisa “Insurance” Doughty, PRANDI Property Management, Office Coordinator