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Winterizing Your Rental Property

Well, it's that time of year again...It's getting darker earlier, chill is in the air, and I can feel the rain and freezing temperatures a-coming! Being an assistant property manager, I'm asking ALL residents to follow these three SIMPLE steps to ensure that the winter season goes as well as possible at our rental properties:
  1. Look at your gutters and roof. Be sure to tell your property manager if they are clogged or are not draining properly.
  2. Check your exterior lighting when it's dark - replace burnt-out light bulbs and make sure all lights are functioning properly (and timers, if applicable, are set correctly).
  3. Save the emergency phone number for PRANDI in your cell phone - we typically receive emergency calls in the wintertime for heaters/furnaces that have stopped working, roof leaks, and drainage/ plumbing issues. Be watchful for these items during the week and be sure to communicate them with your property management teams--it's so great to fight small maintenance problems as preventative-maintenance, before they grow into an emergency situation. PRANDI EMERGENCY-ONLY PHONE NUMBER: (415) 419-7311
If you have maintenance issues during normal business hours, you can call our office at (415) 482-9988 or email us directly at Thank you and enjoy your holiday and winter season! -- Cristy Boucher, CSS Assistant Property Manager