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Webinar | Good Owner vs Bad Owner

I had the pleasure of listening to my Mom's very 1st webinar last Wednesday. She spoke on the topic of a "Good Owner vs. Bad Owner." The presentation was set up through NARPM (National Association of Residential Property Managers) and Propertyware (our current property management software provider). Over 500 people logged on to listen to her speak. Webinars are our modern day educational class except you don't have to leave your desk. In today's busy world, it's the perfect way to stay up-to-date on education and learn about new laws without having a large impact on your work load or having to travel to another location to see a speaker in person. Mom spoke very well in regard to dealing with current issues in the property management world. Some of the main points I thought were the most impactful were: setting expectations early on with your owners/customers, being able to recognize customers who are no longer a good fit with your company and learning how to go your separate ways, as well as understanding conflict and dealing with it in a professional manner. At the end, listener's chimed in with their individual property management problems, seeking guidance from the Master Property Manager herself. Such questions as, "What's the best way to fire an owner?" or "What do I do with an owner who isn't willing to spend any money on their property?" were just a few. Mom shared her personal and professional experiences and her wealth of knowledge with each question she answered, helping to guide others and potentially make their life in the Property Management World as painless as possible. Good job, Mom (Melissa Prandi, MPM that is). I hope this was only the first of many more webinars to come! *To see her powerpoint presentation about "Good Owner vs. Bad Owner" please click here. Matt Borries Property Manager & Leasing Agent