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Tips for Great Customer Service

In the theme of great tips for Customer Service, we're blogging about how to keep your customers coming back to re-use your services time and again. We know we need to provide customer service which exceeds the expectations of our clients, and sometimes that's hard to do. To have a loyal and long-term customer, they need to feel valued. If a customer has a negative experience with a staff member, or feels unwanted or uncared for, chances are they are going to abandon your company for another one that can give them that better experience (and who would blame them?). Make your customer feel as special as you would want to feel if you were in their shoes! We live by this theory on a day-to-day basis in our office. Here are just a few examples of how we make sure PRANDI Property Management maintains and exceeds the expectations of our clients: -When our Southern Marin clientele grew to a bigger number than we'd ever had before, we opened an additional office in Sausalito to be more accessible. We go the extra mile. -When our world became even more technology savvy, we made sure we were on the cutting edge. Our online property management software gives owners and tenants the ability to log-in to their secure portal to see real-time information through modern-day conveniences. We stay up with technology. -Our staff needed to be ready for all client interactions, even when they were in the field, and were provided with iPhones/ iPads in order to answer calls and emails on-the-go. We are readily available, and return calls as quickly as possible. -All of our vendors are licensed and insured. When improvements need to be done at a property, our vendors provide estimates to our property managers and we find the best pricing for you beforehand. We orchestrate the follow-through of the job, and make sure the vendor provides quality work. We maintain your investment properties. For more information about our company and the customer service we provide, call our office today at (415) 482-9988, or visit us online at