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The Property Turn

"The Property Turn" is the maintenance completed on your rental home, after a tenant has vacated but before the new tenant moves in. This time in-between "turn time" is the perfect way to spruce up the condition of your home--sometimes large renovations are necessary, and other times there are just small things to consider. One of the best benefits of refurbishing a rental unit is to attract the new (and the prospectively good) tenants PRANDI will be placing for you. Good tenants are the ones we refer to in our office as: tenants who are looking for a nice place to make their home, not just for a place to live. The more pride a property investment owner takes in their rental, the more the resident will care about the unit and take pride in maintaining it (and aim to keep it in the condition in which they occupied the unit). Depending on the location and what kinds of upgrades are made, another benefit is the ability to collect more monthly rent. Some properties property turn might only consist of a home cleaning, the carpet cleaning and some minor repairs. Other properties require a little more time and effort before a new tenant can be secured. Large changes like replacing carpet, re-painting, re-staining cabinets, changing countertops, installing new appliances, removing wall paper, etc, are huge improvements for the home, but will take additional time and money to complete. While large changes tend to have the most impact on the overall esthetic of the property, it is important not to forget the little things and attention to details which also help. Items such as cabinet hardware, plumbing and light fixtures are very important too. Keeping up with routine maintenance will not only potentially save you money in the future. For example, taking care of something small now (updating a small faucet drip) should ultimately keep costs down vs when an item becomes even bigger (the drip has caused water damage and now all of the sheetrock needs to be replaced). If a thorough maintenance/property turn is done, you can avoid differed maintenance problems as well as hopefully have less maintenance issues during the new tenancy. For more information about our services, please visit our website at