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Tenant Tip | Roommate Release Procedures

Here at PRANDI, a lot of our properties are occupied with multiple residents--oftentimes roommate situations. Occasionally during the lease term, one of the tenants will vacate the property before the other tenants do. The vacating tenant must notify PRANDI that they are leaving by submitting their proper 30-day-notice in writing to our office. It is important to note as well, that the security deposit stays with the property until all tenants vacate. Therefore, residents will need to work out the security deposit split between themselves. For example, if 3 tenants live in the property together and they all split the initial move-in monies, when just one tenant leaves the remaining tenants will need to work out their own procedure on how the vacating tenant is to be paid back all/ some of their portion of the security deposit. At the time, all tenants are fully vacated, this is when PRANDI releases the security deposit. Please also keep in mind, that as long as a tenants' name is on the lease he/ she is responsible for the monthly rent. This is the case even if the tenant is no longer living at the property. Tenants in this situation typically ask to pay the PRANDI re-write fee to have their lease changed, so their name is no longer reflected on the legal documentation. If the remaining tenants would like to add another tenant to the lease, the new tenant must be qualified by PRANDI Property Management prior to move-in. This is the same procedure used to approve the initial residents, and the new tenant must go through this very same process. Please contact your property manager if you have any questions or need assistance with adding/ removing a tenant from the property lease. You may also call our office at (415) 482-9988 for more information or visit our website at