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October Anniversaries

By Kaylee: Well, it's pretty crazy to think about--but another year passed by faster than the previous one. I've now been working at PRANDI Property Management for 5 years, but it certainly feels like just yesterday I started as the Front Desk Administrative Assistant answering phone calls and opening the mail. I was moved up to a role of Office Coordinator not long after that, where my role expanded into quite a bit more work and office organization. Soon, I quickly became what I fondly refer to as a "catch-all" for all types of projects, including but not limited to processing applications, typing contracts/leases, and even marketing properties on Craigslist. I moved into a more marketing related role next, and have been here ever since just recently sporting my Brand Marketing Specialist title for 2 years now! Although 5 years have flown so quickly by for me...that's nothing in comparison to Christine and Roxie who just finished their 11th year at PRANDI! Which means...they are now entering their 12th year here--and that is most definitely an accomplishment that deserves celebrating! We do take our work at PRANDI Property Management, Inc., CRMC® incredibly serious but we do kick up our heels every once in a great while too! **Congrats also to Melissa Prandi who has been in the residential leasing and property management industry here in Marin for over 30 years and owned PRANDI for 25 of those years! Congrats to Dana Sansing-Esquibel who has worked with Melissa for 26+ of those years! Matt Prandi Borries was literally born into the business, but has been a licensed Real Estate Agent since 2006. We also have Reidun Waage and Nikki Macias who joined PRANDI 7 years ago, Cristy Boucher who has been here over 4 years herself (almost 5), Lisa Doughty who recently celebrated her 2nd year here over summer and of course our newest members Michael Keena and Nikole McGuinness who both joined us in 2012!