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Mobile Strategy 2012 | Great Agent Apps

I just watched an AWESOME webinar about the Top 20 Apps for Real Estate Pros, brought to me by Inman News, and wanted to share some of the highlights here:
  • Evernote - one of my favorite apps that I already use now; this one allows your computer/smart phone devices to cross-reference all of your notes. But you don't just have to have written notes, they can be audio and video recordings as well. I LOVE this app and use it everyday. I highly suggest it.
  • OnLive Desktop - where you can access all Microsoft files (word, powerpoint, excel) and you can not only simply pull up the document, but you can EDIT them too! The best part: this app allows you to use FLASH (which is more than our phones/ipads can say). This one costs $1.99. We like to use this type of feature for new owner meetings, for presentations, and best of all: when we travel!
  • Viber - This app I did a bit more research on, and it currently has 3.5 out of 5 stars in the app store from 891 ratings. I downloaded it, but haven't tested it yet. With this app, you can call, text, and send photos worldwide. On all smartphones, not just iPhones. It has great sound quality, and is completely free, you just need 3G or WiFi to make it work. The person you're contacting also has to have the app as well. I thought this one seemed pretty awesome, and I'm excited to try it. We have a lot of overseas contacts that, if they were tech savvy, they might be interested in this feature too!
  • DocuSign - this app we've been using for some time now. We use this feature in the office to send contracts and leases to owners and tenants for their review and e-signatures, but the app let's you sign these documents right from your phone. What a great way for a busy office to be on the go, and still not miss a beat!
We love technology, and trying new things, and I'm always searching for great apps that will better our business, keep us efficient, and provide the professional care that our clients deserve. -- Kaylee Carroll, Brand Marketing Specialist