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Miss Insurance | Reasons for Renter's Insurance

Sometimes unexpected and unpreventable occurrences happen which could cost you quite a bit of money to recover. If you think Renter's Insurance is an extra expense that you don't need...then please consider the following 6 scenarios:

1. A fire engulfs your apartment and you are unable to live in it

With Renter's Insurance: You receive money to cover your temporary housing expenses as well as some additional expenses you may have (such as clothing, meals and even transportation).

Without Renter's Insurance: You have to pay the bill for your new wardrobe, all meals and other daily essentials.

2. Your apartment floods and most of your possessions are destroyed

With Renter's Insurance: You receive a check to replace everything that you lost Ć¢food, clothes, furniture and electronics

Without Renter's Insurance: You suffer the pain of losing everything AND the pain of having to replace everything out of pocket!

3. While playing ball with friends, you accidentally send one through your neighbor's window

With Renter's Insurance: The window is replaced without any cost to you.

Without Renter's Insurance: You will be responsible for the cost of replacing the window.

4. A thief steals your laptop right out of your car

With Renter's Insurance: Even when you're away from home your things are covered, so you will get a quick, no-hassle replacement.

Without Renter's Insurance: Say good-bye to your computer and hope you can afford to buy a new one!

5. An electrical surge wipes out your new TV and stereo

With Renter's Insurance: You can submit a claim with your insurance company and receive a check right away -- next step -- go shopping for some new stuff!

Without Renter's Insurance: Guess you won't be watching any new shows or football games let alone listening to your favorite music!

6. Your friend falls and breaks her leg while at your home

With Renter's Insurance: Your insurance coverage will pay your friend's medical bills and any legal fees should your "friend" decide to sue you.

Without Renter's Insurance: You will be solely responsible for all of your friend's medical bills and the lawsuit too!

So, do you still think having Renter's Insurance is an extra expense you don't need!? It's better to be prepared rather than risk the consequences!

--Miss Lisa "Insurance" Doughty PRANDI Property Management, Office Coordinator