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As the name suggests, Renter's Insurance protects renters, their guests, as well as their personal belongings from such things as fire, theft or other damages. In order to be fully protected, you must have a comprehensive list of all the items in your home. Without this list, it can be very difficult to remember everything you own and to clearly convey this to your insurance agent, in the event that damages have occurred. Insurance companies, most likely, will not reimburse you for items unless you can prove you owned them. They will also probably give you less money than you would like for lost/ damaged items -- unless you have proof to go along with your claim. Documenting your items for Renter's Insurance should include both a written inventory as well as a video documentation of some effect:
  • Written Documentation - this should include a breakdown of all items according to the rooms in your home
  • Video Documentation - this can back up your written inventory and can easily be recorded with most of today's cell phones - or maybe even using a webcam on your laptop computer
Once you have completed these necessary steps, it is important to safely store one copy of this documented proof in your home and one copy elsewhere, in case your home is a total loss and the "home copy" has been destroyed. Ask your insurance agent if they can keep a copy with your Renter's Insurance policy. Make sure you update your documentation on a regular basis, in order to include any new items you may have acquired over time. - Miss Lisa "Insurance" Doughty PRANDI Property Management, Office Coordinator