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Miss Insurance | Holiday Home Protection

For those of you who celebrate Christmas, and decorate your home, tis the season to be jolly! should still be aware of the dangers of having a Christmas tree and decorations, and you should know how to prevent accidents which can occur during the Holiday Season! Be cautious, as it might just save you a rush-visit to the hospital or an emergency call to the Fire Department! Tree Place the Christmas tree out of harm's way--preferably in a corner where it won't be knocked down by children or pets. Be sure that the tree has a sturdy base (so that it doesn't fall over) and if necessary, anchor it down somehow. If you have a fresh tree, keep it watered. Prep your tree by cutting or drilling a hole into the trunk; this will make for easy water absorption. Do not place your tree near a fireplace! Christmas lights Christmas lights should be checked before placing them in the tree or on the tree's branches. The light cable should not be frayed--no wires should be exposed at all. Sockets should be in perfect condition. If you see any damage, throw the light(s) out. Indoor lights should never be used outdoors and neither should outdoor lights be used indoors. Use a sturdy step-ladder, or chair, to place the lights on the tree. Tree Decorations If you have small children or pets, consider using plastic, wooden or paper ornaments instead of glass ones. Accidents happen, and it's easy to miss a fragment of glass from a broken Christmas ornament on the floor or carpet. Should a barefoot child or a pet step onto such a fragment, an emergency trip to the doctor's office or veterinarian will be necessary--and this could be avoided by using "safer" decorations.

Accidents happen all of the time, so be cautious and act responsibly to help prevent emergency situations!

Candles Candles are the perfect way to create atmosphere full of warmth and sweet aroma--but they are known for their huge fire hazards. To avoid accidental mishaps, keep the candles away from the Christmas tree or from decorative branches. Put them, instead, in a spacious area or on a flat/hard surface in non-flammable candle holders. Open Fire Before lighting a fire make sure that all flammable materials such as wrapping paper, cardboard boxes, tinsel and chemicals are far away from the fireplace. To keep children and pets safe, it is also recommended to make use of your fireplace screen.  Don't place your Christmas tree too close to the fireplace - sparks can cause fires! -- Miss Lisa "Insurance" Doughty, PRANDI Property Management, Office Coordinator