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Marketing Effectiveness | Constantly on the Move

I am always looking for new marketing principles to incorporate into my daily tasks here at PRANDI--and constantly examining the programs and tools I use is first on my list in order to achieve this goal. We strive to stay on the cutting edge, and aim to find fresh ideas to attract tenants looking for a new home. This week, I've been tackling adding slideshow videos to our rental listings. It's been a bit of work, but I'm slowly but surely getting these up and running. They can be found under the descriptive text on the listings themselves, and can also be found on our YouTube site. When I can get out to a property in person I'll start taking video walk-thrus and add those instead. In other marketing news, I'm always working on my next "mailing" campaign and am busy this month sending out some my postcard mailers to owners of real estate investment properties in Marin. Just today, I sent out the quarterly newsletter mailing to all previous owners/investment clients, finished up the "PRANDI Press" newsletter for current PRANDI tenants, and e-mailed out the "Realtors' Corner" e-newsletter as well. Who knows what I'll be up to next week, but I'm always staying busy and marketing the PRANDI name in every alcove I can find! -- Kaylee Carroll, Brand Marketing Specialist