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January Re-Cap for 2010

I am finding that the rental market in Marin has been fairly stable and not too adversely affected by the poor economy. Surprisingly, December was a very busy month here at PRANDI and properties that were priced right rented quickly.I don’t know if I would call it either a renter’s market or a rental owner’s market as the inventory has increased, due to the slower sales market, and the number of people looking for a rental has also increased.This has resulted in a stable market with healthy competition and a good pool of potential quality tenants.The smartest thing an owner can do is offer a quality product home (in good condition and pristine) and market/ list it at a reasonable price.

Now that there is a nice break in the weather, I suggest owners clean off roofs and gutters.Leaves have been falling and getting knocked down in the recent rain storms and it would be good to take this opportunity to clear things out before the next rain storm.