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Holiday Party Tips!

Susan RoAne is known as the Nation's Savvy Networking Expert and Mingling well a treasured client of PRANDI Property Management! Here, Susan provides us with some great Holiday Party Do's and Don'ts. Brush up on your party etiquette and enjoy the season with joy and class!

How to Work a Room: HOLIDAY DOs and DON'Ts

  • RSVP and say YES when the invitation arrives.
  • Organize a potluck if the company has cancelled their annual party. People love the camaraderie.
  • Act Like A Host: be interested; pay attention; listen and introduce people to each other.
  • Treat Spouses/Guests (yours and theirs) With Respect: introduce them with enthusiasm and include them with eye contact, comments and questions.
  • Remember That Holiday/Christmas Parties Are Still Business Networking Events: dress and act appropriately.
  • Focus Your Conversation on the Event: The season is the reason. If it's a company sponsored party, you already have a subject for conversation. So, bring your O.A.R. and start the small talk with the items you have in common.
    • Observe -- The venue, food or entertainment -- "What wonderful ambiance! Didn't Pat and Joe do a great job planning this party and the food is fabulous."
    • Ask -- Other guests seasonally topical questions --"Do you have any special plans?" "Do you plan to travel for the holidays?"
    • Reveal -- Your ideas, thoughts, plans --"I plan to be on the slopes for the holidays."OR "For obvious reasons we've decided to stick closer to home rather than fight the crowds." Add something lighthearted: "I'm still trying to find a low calorie eggnog recipe."
  • Don't Drink Excessively: free drinks have a cost.
  • Don't Assume Everyone Celebrates Christmas: and if you don't, be gracious about the error.
  • Don't Touch Inappropriately: keep hands (and lips) to yourself; "handle" with care and caution.
  • Don't indulge in foods with garlic or onions; bring breath mints.
  • Don't forget to detach from the techie toys: smart phones, Bluetooth's (and iPads), and refrain from text messaging, emailing and IM-ing when talking with others.
  • Don't kvetch, whine, ridicule, compete, correct, interrogate or brag.
©2011 Susan RoAne The Mingling Maven®. --Christine Goodin, RMP® Senior Property Manager & Leasing Agent