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Helpful Hints

Here are some Helpful Hints for our Marin County Residents to follow!
  1. If you have a fireplace, you are very well aware that there are Burn Days in the Bay Area that all residents must abide by. Please click here to see when it's a safe day for you to have a fire!
  2. Sprinkle coffee grounds in your garden and outside the perimeter of your house to keep ants away!
  3. Place a bowl of salt in the corner of a closet/room to help reduce humidity or moisture (to avoid the moisture leading to mildew).
  4. Ever heard of using charcoal to help eliminate odors? Be sure to use activated charcoal (or activated carbon) rather than charcoal barbeque briquettes which are loaded with chemicals and odors of their own. Activated charcoal is available at most household hardware stores. Baking soda also works well!
  5. Speaking of baking soda, have you ever tried to polish your silver with it? Works like a charm! Line the bottom of your sink (or a large baking dish) with aluminum foil. Fill the sink or dish with hot, hot water. Add some baking soda and salt to the warm water. Some sources say 2 tsp soda and 1 tsp salt and others say 2 tbsp of each. Gently slide your tarnished silver into the warm water/soda/salt solution making sure the silver pieces are in contact with each other and the foil. Watch with glee as the tarnish disappears in front of your eyes! Rinse the silver with water and gently buff with a clean white towel.
  6. Dropped a blueberry on the carpet? Try mixing one tablespoon of liquid dish soap (with no color dye in the soap!) with two cups of water. Moisten a clean white cloth with the soapy solution and blot the stain carefully. Don'€™t rub it - blot it! Repeat with a clean section of the cloth until the stain disappears.
  7. Time to clean your crusty microwave? Grab a lemon! Cut it in half and squeeze the juice into a microwaveable container with 1 to 1½ cups of water. Place the container in the microwave and run for about 5 minutes letting the lemony steam accumulate around the sides, bottom, and top of the inside of the microwave. When five minutes is up, CAREFULLY remove the water dish and wipe the walls clean! It's a snap - and lemony fresh!
**Thank you to and for the helpful tidbits! If you liked these few hints, please visit their websites for more! --Christine Goodin, RMP Senior Property Manager & Leasing Agent