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Haunted Houses & Ghost Stories

Boo! Halloween scares me... in a good way! I'm not a fan of the gory Halloween movies, but I do seem to like ghosts and scary movies that involve scary sounds, thoughts, imagination and feelings. Those make my heart race, my eyes grow big, I become kind of frozen... scared to keep looking at the movie screen, but frozen with anticipation of what is coming next! I never close my eyes or look away - after all, my imagination might be worse that what is about to happen! After feeling spooked, I always begin to giggle nervously. I'm not sure why it makes me giggle, maybe because the feeling of being scared is so, so real but the matter-of-fact reasonable side of my mind tells me that this ghost stuff can't possibly be real! I've never lived in a haunted house myself, but I have a few dear friends who have. One of them is even a property manager! I asked them tell me some of their favorite legendary ghost stories so we can all be spooked together! (Names of the innocent have been changed to prevent further spooking!) Gomez Addams--I grew up in two houses that were haunted and we saw ghosts all the time. The ghosts never bothered us. Apparently, a construction worker fell off the stairwell backwards and died. He used to pop up walking up the stairs or in the garage. Our things would go missing and later show up in weird places like the heater vents. We never saw him in the main rooms of the house, though. The second happened to be the house my grandparents last owned. We named him Maynard. We have no history but it was a boy about 10 or 11. He used to love to play in the curtains. I remember coming home one night and we could see him looking out the window, as plain as day. He also loved to jump around in the living room and on the stairs. He was a prankster. He loved to turn on and off the lights. Morticia Addams-- I don't remember when we first suspected the place was haunted. I seem to remember it starting with the plinking sound of dishes being washed, rustling around in the porcelain sink. I'd think I was home alone, hear the noise and go to the kitchen to see which roommate was home doing dishes. But, the noise would stop and no one would be there. The same would happen on the stairs. They would creak under the weight of someone climbing them, but no one would be on them when we'd check. We did make peace with the spirits though--that I know. As I remember, there was a party and I think it was getting out of hand. I think we tossed people out for not being respectful of our house...but I think that was when we stopped hearing people on the stairs, or dishes clinking in the sink. I think we proved worthy of living there or something like that. At least, that's what I told myself at the time! Wednesday Addams-- Morticia and Wednesday lived together, so similar stories here! That dishes thing was a recurring incident that no one ever questioned; which now seems funny. But overall, anyone who slept on the couch would say the next morning, "Who was doing dishes in the middle of the night?" Everyone in the house said it wasn'€™t them and then we'd go about our business. I heard the dishes one night after falling asleep on the couch--3am, faucet goes on full blast and the dishes start clanking around. Kind of like someone was mad that they had to do them. Then there was the time I had a weird scary dream about looking out the window in our front door and seeing a mother and daughter standing on our front porch with suitcases. The mother was telling her daughter (who had braids) they were just going to wait there until the man went away. I woke up scared. [Morticia] was sleeping in the front room, so when I opened my bedroom door, she woke up and gasped--her eyes were really wide and she said something like, "I just had the creepiest dream." and I said, "Was it the girl with the braids on the porch?" [Morticia] LOST HER MIND. And then SO DID I. Because we had the same dream. That one was especially freaky because that dream shouldn't have been SO scary, but it was like a nightmare. But nothing happened in it. SO creepy. And finally, I was home alone one weekend (how stupid am I!) and I went to sleep and woke up hearing footsteps in the hall; very distinct walking. Not tiny distant sounds--but someone clearly walking on carpet. The bathroom door opened and there were three steps across the linoleum; then my attached bedroom door opened. Two more steps on my carpet and a weight pushing down my mattress in the middle. Then an arm reaching below my waist and another reaching over and then a squeeze, squeeze, squeeze--tighter and tighter until I can't breathe and then it stops like a balloon popping and it's gone. I'm just laying there. Shocked. Don't worry, these stories do NOT come from houses located in Marin County! If you need something spookier than these stories; click on the links below for some Haunted Houses you can visit this week! San Francisco: and Sonoma County (serveral choices here too): HAPPY HALLOWEEN!