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From Roxie: Why Blog?

Blogging!  Why do we do this? I am not a blogger and do not follow blogs, however they do have a good purpose.  For us it is to reach out and let you know what we are doing, our concerns and to share our new rental listings. This time of the year is usually slower as people do not wish to move at the holiday time of the year.  The school year is in full swing and it is not typical for job changes to happen until after the first of the year. This slower time is a perfect time for us to review our files, do home evaluations and take time to catch up.  Assisting our owners with projects, upgrades or make small improvements is an additional service we can offer. I enjoy the interaction with owners, tenants, and the vendors. Maintaining the safety and integrity of the property and to protect the owner’s investment is my focus. This time of the year is the perfect time to let our owners and tenants know that we appreciate them.  Tenants that report the maintenance issues and take care of the properties are highly valued.  Owners who are willing to step up when the properties need repairs are golden in our book. Wishing you all a wonderful and Safe Holiday Season! Roxie Mikolon