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Facebook Phenomenon

Facebook has taken over the web--but that's not a secret to anyone these days! Not only is Facebook popular among teens, but every generation can now be found using this online social network. It has become a way to see what your friends are up to, to stay in touch with your acquaintances, and even to spy on your enemies. Facebook has certainly taken over every industry...including ours! Property managers post the details of their daily office life, upload all new rental properties, and share industry gossip. We try to stay up-to-date and keep our Facebook as lively as possible too! Yesterday I watched a new webinar about Facebook and learned even more about this ever-changing social phenomenon. There are Facebook Groups, Pages, and Profiles..."and you better keep up with the times if you want to find clients online" is what I took away! We currently have our staff profiles and our one PRANDI Page, but we definitely need to get on the band wagon and start a PRANDI Facebook Group! This will be coming up in the next few weeks...but it will be a great place for property managers in Marin to share stories, a place where our clients can connect with us in a more candid atmosphere, and a place where the general population could join our group to ask us secrets/questions/tips of the industry! Look for it soon! In the meantime, check out our existing Facebook page here! -- Kaylee Carroll, Brand Marketing Specialist