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Detectors Save Lives

Besides being just another law we all follow... Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Detectors really DO help save our lives! Make sure you have the proper installations at your property:
  • Smoke Detectors: Must have one in each bedroom, the hallway between the bedrooms, and one nearest the common areas of the home. If there are multiple levels in your home, you must have them on each level. Even in our smallest apartments, we place ours on the ceiling just inside the door frame in the bedrooms, in order to notify our tenants the moment smoke enters the rooms (in case they are sleeping).
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors: There must be one in the hallway/ area closest to the bedrooms; if you have wings with bedrooms in separate areas of the home, you need multiple devices. If there are multiple levels in your home, you must have them on each level. We place ours in the hallway area before the bedroom doors, no more than 4 feet off the ground, in order to notify our tenants BEFORE the CO2 reaches the bedroom while our tenants sleep.
If you do not have the proper installation in your home, be sure to tell us. Be sure to LEAVE your detectors in place (DO NOT REMOVE THEM--even if they are not the prettiest feature of your home)! They are there to ensure your safety. **Please make sure you are testing your detectors every year, and replacing the batteries at least every 12 months (more frequently is fine too). In case we need some examples of how detectors save lives, please check out this Marin IJ news article from earlier this month: Marin IJ