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Dallas Convention, Armadillo Racin' and More!

As active members of the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM®), members of the PRANDI staff attend the national convention annually. We learn a lot (packed in those 3 long days) about property management and meet up with fellow industry leaders to talk about the previous year and changes made in our work field over that time. Luckily there's always a little good-clean fun mixed in, during the evenings of course, in order to keep our brains from totally exploding with all of the new information we learn! In previous years, the NARPM® convention has been hosted in cities such as Seattle, Oahu, even Virginia Beach--all wonderful places to be sure! This year it was a "different kind of wonderful" and was hosted in the great big state of Texas in the huge city of Dallas! I learned a lot at this Dallas convention, and feel ready to face the oncoming months of updates within new laws/regulations as well as with standard property management upkeep. However, the three things I learned (that are totally not property management related) are: 1. Cowboy hats are cooler in Texas. 2. Armadillos are disgusting, but boy are they QUICK! 3. Don'€™t underestimate the power of a good ol' BBQ'd rack of babyback ribs to make you feel unstoppable! With main attractions such as bull ridin', horse roping, cowboy boot wearing (cowboy dancing too), as well as the famous armadillo racin' -- the end of our learning convention was finished off with a grand finale of a Texas-style hoe-down. This is one California girl who never knew this could be this MUCH FUN! -Cristy Boucher, CSS Assistant Property Manager