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Creative Ways to Update Your Fireplace

At PRANDI Property Management, Inc., CRMC®, we have many rental properties with “decorative” or otherwise unusable fireplaces. This can be for multiple reasons—they may not be up-to-code or have the proper hearth dimensions, they might have a crack or problem with the chimney or the firebox, or maybe the owner just doesn’t want to run the risk of it being inappropriately used with the risk of a fire or other issue on the property. Oftentimes, it’s difficult for a tenant or prospect to look past this, and understand why it is not offered with the rental and why the landlord wouldn’t just fix it. It’s a good idea for a landlord who will not be offering or repairing a fireplace, to use one of these methods shared from Bob Vila’s blog: Creative Ways to Update Your Non-Working Fireplace Updating this area can create extra space, a beautiful focal point in the room, or simply add some decorative touch to the property. Many tenants will look at an unusable fireplace as something that is “broken” or wrong, and with a few simple fixes a landlord can help counteract that while creating a nice centerpiece to the room that is an actual benefit to the property!