An image of carbon monoxide detector model KNCOS

New Legislation to be Aware Of!
SB 183 – Carbon Monoxide Detectors

As some of you have probably heard, California has recently passed new legislation requiring all single family homes to have a carbon monoxide detector installed by June 1, 2011 if there is presence of a gas-burning appliance (gas range, water heater, dryer, etc.). Similarly, this new law will take effect for all multi-family dwellings by January 1, 2013. The penalty for not installing proper detectors can be up to $200 for each offense, after a 30 day notice to correct. Fortunately, unlike regular smoke detectors CO detectors only need to be replaced about every 7 years. Here at PRANDI we are taking appropriate measures to ensure that all our vendors are aware of this new legislation and are installing the proper smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in all PRANDI properties moving forward. We are also going to be sending out reminders and notices to all our clients reminding them that this will need to be done in the near future and to expect this necessary expense!

Please look out for more information in the PRANDI Press this month!

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