I’m sitting at my desk, surrounded by names and email addresses, newspapers and marketing postcards, new ad ideas, and layouts. This office is constantly on the go, and so am I – making sure that not only are we easily found on the internet through various SEO methods, but that we’re also in local newspaper print delivered to your home! We have a message for our clients, as much as for our friends and competitors in this field: we’re here, in plain sight, constantly reminding you that we’re a powerful force in the property management industry!

Part of the marketing routine includes updating our website (www.prandiprop.com), making sure our listings are posted correctly on Craigslist and the MLS. We inform our owners though monthly topics of self home care with their own newsletter: the PRANDI Press; and, our tenants receive a monthly newsletter as well: the PRANDI Journal. Once a quarter, a newsletter is sent out to past clients, or possible new clients, with helpful hints and tips of being their own landlord, and telling them more about our office and services – our intent is to remind them that PRANDI is here to help should they ever need us again. This week, I’m sending out a new PRANDI postcard to owners in southern Marin, to inform them of the new satellite office we recently opened on Bridgeway in Sausalito!

I’m always on the go, looking for the next great opportunity that will keep PRANDI’s name in people’s minds! The best trick, I’ve found, is to keep this constant task consistent enough, so when I mention PRANDI to someone in Marin, they say, “Oh, I’ve heard that name before!”