An image of the Rental Property Analysis ReportOwning a home has been part of the “American Dream” for as long as I can remember. But when the housing market became unpredictable and prices plummeted dramatically, these financially unstable investments made some people (myself included) think twice about purchasing a home. Some homeowner’s argue that buying a home and making it feel like your own is an unforgettable experience, and that spending money on a rent check every month seems like investing in something you can never truly call your own. However, in a time where these homeowners are having to walk away from their property, it’s not hard to see why renting is becoming increasingly popular–especially in California.

I found this article that outlines 5 reasons why renting makes more financial sense than purchasing a home in the current housing market. Click here to see the article and corresponding info graphics that help explain the author’s point. PRANDI Property Management focuses solely on leasing and managing residential properties here in Marin. We understand how to effectively lease homes for our owners during this time to ensure they maintain a profitable investment even when the housing market is down. I for one plan on buying a home sometime down the line–but it most definitely will not be this year for me! Happy House-Hunting to all of you who ARE in the market for a new place. At least there are some great prices out there for you!!

–Nikole McGuinness